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2006 Supported Charity Kemp Hospice
2007 Supported Group Jack and Jill Nursery
2008 Supported Charity Ourway




2009 Supported Charity Myriad
2010 Bewdley Festival
2010 Who will it be?

Supporting the Local Community

Each year, Mend My Computer plans to support a local charitable organisation or a local group with the aim of raising as much awareness and financial support as possible.

February through to June is spent researching into which charity or local group to target for the remainder of the year. The main stipulation is that the organisation is local to Worcestershire, as we wish to give something back to the community directly around us.

We would like to encourage your suggestions, so please contact us if you can think of a local charity, or you are involved with one, which you feel is suitable for this cause. If you are able to, please include some relevant detail about the charity / group, for example: the aims of the organisation; who will benefit; any general details about current funding if you know them; and the sort of fund raising that is already undertaken. Additionally, if you have been helped by the charity you are suggesting, we would like to know how it has changed your life. We look forward to hearing from you

The chosen charity for the year will be announced at the end of June.

The email address to contact us on is

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